Connecting opportunity and chemistry to create business


[RC]2 PharmaConnect, LLC was founded on April 10, 2013 by Dwight Raff, William Cain, Jason Raff and Billy Cain with the intention of becoming the foremost pharmaceutical manufacturing representative in the Custom Synthesis business. They are excited to offer their expertise to connect and manage partners in the API and FCI areas, as well as Custom Synthesis. Their extensive scientific background and years of experience in process development and manufacturing according to FDA regulations provide both suppliers and customers with an invaluable edge. Their combined knowledge of the industry - both what the marketplace is doing and how the production process works – makes for comprehensive and competent communications and facilitates the process of finding the most efficient way to manufacture products from small to large scale. Their personal reputations for honesty, integrity and commitment to service are well known and obviously a crowning feature of their business.